How It Works

  1. DoorDash Drive orders will show up on your app like normal orders. As always, if you are unable or uninterested in fulfilling this delivery, you can simply hit "Decline". Also, you can claim them in your Dasher app to pre-assign yourself an opportunity (more information below).
  2. After picking up the food from the restaurant, proceed to the customer as you normally would. If you have any questions, reach out to the restaurant or customer directly. 
    1. Since the customer may not be familiar with DoorDash, if you need to call them it may be more effective to introduce yourself as the driver delivering their order.
    2. Please note that these orders will likely have special instructions that are very important, so please ensure you read them. In some cases, the special instructions may ask you to do light set up for the customer.
  3. Once the delivery is complete, tap "confirm drop off" as you normally would.


We want to provide you as much information as we can to make your Dashing experience as best as possible. For DoorDash Drive orders, you may receive delivery opportunities early. We believe this new feature will help you plan better, dash more efficiently, earn more money, and delight your customers!

This means that you’ll have the option to claim Drive orders for yourself the night before, or in the morning. You’ll receive a notification in your Dasher app when we announce availability. You are still able to receive Drive orders, or regular orders, in the usual way without pre-assignment. 

Pre-assignments may be available throughout the day depending on DoorDash Drive volume in your area. We will send reminders to check for available orders throughout the day. You will receive a notification and see a list of scheduled orders available for advance assignment in the Dasher app. You can click on the order to see its details, including the pickup and drop-off addresses and guaranteed earnings. If you would like to accept a delivery opportunity, simply hit “claim” order. If you already have a Dash scheduled, claiming an order will simply extend your Dash. If you do not have a Dash scheduled, claiming an order will create a new Dash for you.

A few things to note:

  •  For these large orders some restaurants require you to bring your large hot bags. To avoid being turned away, the most efficient Dashers bring large, catering bags on every DoorDash Drive order!
  • Oftentimes the restaurant is open to Dashers before they are open to customers; thus, you should head to a restaurant even if it appears closed to regular customers
  • Electing not to claim a pre-assigned order does affect your acceptance rate