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Office Hours and Location

Address: 333 N. Alabama Street, Suite 350, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Dasher Pay

DoorDash orders: $4 per delivery and 100% of any gratuity paid by the customer

Guaranteed Earnings: $10/hr minimum as long as you dash 10 peak hours during the week (10:30am - 1:30pm and 5pm - 9pm), have above an 85% order acceptance rate, have 0 no-shows, and complete at least 1 order every 2 hours.  This incentive is only paid when weekly pay is less than ($10/hr  *  # of hours worked).

Peak Pay: $6 per delivery and 100% of any gratuity paid by the customer for deliveries completed between 5pm and 8pm every day

DoorDash Drive orders

Dashers will continue to earn the standard pay per delivery + 100% of tips. In cases when the standard pay per delivery + tip is lower than the minimum payments listed below, we will pay any incremental amount needed to guarantee the minimum amounts for each DoorDash Drive delivery:

DoorDash Drive minimum payments:

$10 per delivery under $150 estimated value
$15 per delivery between $150 and $300 estimated value
$20 per delivery between $300 and $500 estimated value
$25 per delivery over $500 estimated value

**Please note - some Drive stores have individual dasher pay that may not be the same as the pay listed above**
For all deliveries, dashers retain 100% of any gratuity paid by the customer, though DoorDash may or may not allow tipping through its software for Drive orders.

Market Operating Hours and Hotspots

Delivery Hours: 11am - 10pm daily


Hotspots are where DoorDash expects orders to be placed. Dashers are more likely to receive an order if they are closer to the store from which a customer orders.

  • Keystone / Broad Ripple: Hang out in Broad Ripple (Broad Ripple Ave and College Ave) or Keystone (Keystone Ave and 86th St)

  • Carmel: Hang out in Downtown Carmel (Rangeline Rd and Main St) or on Meridian St by the 96th St intersection.

  • Fishers: Hang out in Downtown Fishers (116th St and Allisonville Rd) or on 96th St by I-69.

  • Zionsville: Hang out at Trader's Point on West 86th St or Downtown Zionsville (Main St)

  • Downtown Indy: Hang out by Circle Center, Fountain Square, or IUPUI

Dasher Deactivations

Please see the Deactivation Policy here for more information. Dashers who fall below the listed thresholds may be subject to deactivation.

Minimum Rating: 4.3

Minimum Completion Rate: 90%

Minimum Acceptance Rate: 25%