Welcome to South Florida!

We are excited to have you with or join the DoorDash team in Miami. This page is your go-to resource for all things Dasher related in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale.

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For New Dashers

We are accepting dasher sign ups for the following modes of transportation: car, bicycle, scooter and motorcycle Sign Up Here!

Please bring your I.D.* to complete your background check, as well as a Credit/Debit Card** to purchase supplies. 
*We do not accept Provisional Licenses or Permits
**We do not accept cash

Office Hours and Location


815 NW 57th Ave, Suite 300A Miami FL 33126
View us of Google Maps here: https://goo.gl/oRr2Ee


Office Hours:

Starting Monday 11/27/2017:

Monday                 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Wednesday          12:00pm - 2:00pm

Friday                   12:00pm - 2:00pm

For Existing Dashers

Dasher Pay

Regular DoorDash orders:

Delivery pay is now calculated as $1 + 100% of tip + pay boost. The pay boost amount will vary based on a variety of factors including the complexity of the order, distance to the restaurant, and orders you place yourself. Through our tests, we found that most Dashers will earn more money on average with this new model.   Check your email or the FAQ for more info.

DoorDash Drive orders:

$6 or $7 per delivery and 100% of tip paid by the customer*

*DoorDash Drive orders are traditionally larger and may require more time to complete (find out more details on DoorDash Drive here). Because of this, each DoorDash Drive order will have a guaranteed minimum earning based on the order value. If the $6 + tip are less than the guaranteed minimum earning, DoorDash will pay extra to make up the difference. Here are two examples:

  • Ex 1: $15 guaranteed minimum earning on an order. I am given a $20 tip; DoorDash still pays the $6 per delivery rate. I make $26 on this order.
  • Ex 2: $20 guaranteed minimum earning on an order. I am given no tip; DoorDash pays the $6 per delivery rate, plus an additional $14 shown as “Extra pay.” I make $20 on this order.

DoorDash Drive guaranteed minimum earning:

  • $10 guaranteed minimum earning per delivery under $150 estimated value
  • $15 guaranteed minimum earning per delivery between $150 and $300 estimated value
  • $20 guaranteed minimum earning per delivery between $300 and $500 estimated value
  • $25 guaranteed minimum earning per delivery over $500 estimated value

DoorDash Drive receipts:

At select Drive merchants, Dashers will be able to collect a paper receipt at pickup, get that receipt signed by the customer and submit a photo of the signed receipt at drop off. If a customer adds a tip when signing the receipt, that tip will be added to your pay.  Pro Tip: most restaurants have No Tip Solicitation Policy for catering orders. They do not want drivers to ask for a tip when the receipt is being signed. Pro Tip: some customers submit their tip when they place the order. When that happens, your tip will already be in your app. All receipts and tips will be reviewed by DoorDash and the merchant. Any fraudulent tip activity will result in immediate deactivation and legal action.


For more information on DoorDash Drive, please see this page.


Market Operating Hours and Hotspots

All Starting Points: 9:30AM - 11:30PM


Hotspots are located on where DoorDash expects orders to be placed. Dashers are more likely to receive an order if they are closer to the restaurant from which a customer orders.



  • Mid Doral
  • East Doral
  • Dolphin Mall


  • Dadeland Mall

Coconut Grove:

  • Sunset Place
  • Coral Way
  • Coco Walk

Miami Beach:

  • Lincoln Road Mall


Ft. Lauderdale


  • Aventura Mall

Ft. Lauderdale:

  • Beverly Heights

Pembroke Pines:

  • Shops at Pembroke Gardens

Sunrise / Davie: 

  • Sawgrass Mills




New dash schedules are released on a rolling 5-day schedule at 12:00AM. For example, the schedule released on Tuesday is for the following Monday.

We are introducing Summer Early Access to the highest rated Dashers on the platform. These Dashers will be able to view the schedules a day earlier
than the rest of the Dasher community. More info Here


Know someone who could be a great dasher? Dashers earn $10 for every dasher referred, so send in-app invites to your friends and have them apply! Your friend will also receive $10. Bonuses are paid out after the referred dasher completes 50 deliveries within the first 30 days.

Dasher Deactivations

Please see the Deactivation Policy here for more information. Dashers who fall below the listed thresholds may be subject to deactivation.

Minimum Rating: 4.4

Minimum Completion Rate: 80%

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