One of the many amazing things about being a Dasher is the ability to work whenever you choose. We know how important it is for you to be able to make some extra cash and to meet your personal financial goals, all on your own schedule. 

By using DailyPay, you can get paid same day, even on weekends. Dashers can use this Dasher exclusive link to try out DailyPay risk-free, for zero cost.

Whether you’re saving for something big, paying off an unexpected bill, or just in the mood to splurge, DailyPay for Dashers makes it easier for you to meet your personal and financial goals.



What is DailyPay?                

DailyPay is a third party payments company that helps U.S. contractors get paid before their regularly scheduled payday! With DailyPay, U.S. Dashers can get paid the same day as their dashes, including weekends! (dependent on the time cut off - see "How much can I get?”).

How does this service work?  

Each day you work, DoorDash tells DailyPay how much you’ve earned and then DailyPay transfers that money.  

How much can I get?

You get money for dashes between 5:30 pm ET the previous day and 5:30 pm ET the current day (that’s 2:30 pm previous day - 2:30 pm today if you’re on the West Coast). On the regular DoorDash deposit day, you get a final payment from DailyPay which will be anything you haven’t already received throughout the week, for example bonuses or reimbursements.  

Note: You may get a direct deposit delay from DailyPay if the amounts doesn't match with your in-app earning page. The different amount carries over to the next week’s pay period. If your difference of pay is due to the situations listed below, you can cash the difference by next week.

Situation #1 - one of your dash ends the next day. Example, you start your dash on Sunday night and end early Monday morning.

Situation #2 - a manual pay out from Care team. Example, getting paid for canceled orders when you arrived at the Merchant.

How much does it cost?                

The cost for a next business day transfer starts at $1.25. You can also receive same day and instant payments, which includes the ability to receive money on weekends and holidays! You receive one week of next business day payments for FREE, courtesy of DoorDash. 

Is this a loan?

No, DailyPay does not make any loans. You are only eligible to receive funds for the work you have already completed at the time of transfer. 

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Never. You can cancel your account whenever you’d like without penalty.

How do I get started?

Visit this page to get started, or if you already have a DailyPay Account, you can simply link your DoorDash account here.

I have more questions!

This is a third party service, so if you have any questions you should contact DailyPay directly! You can reach them at support@trydailypay.com, online chat, or by calling 1.888.991.3646 (Monday - Friday, 9 AM ET - 6 PM ET)