Before you start dashing and doing deliveries, you'll need an iOS or Android smartphone.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Reserve a time slot in the app or use Dash Now.
  3. Head over to the busy areas and sign in to start your dash.
  4. Check your app often for orders by refreshing your app.
  5. Need help with a delivery or encounter an issue? Chat with DoorDash Support team through your app. 
  6. Complete your delivery and head back to busy areas.

Best Practices

Read some of the helpful tips other Dashers have shared with us:

  • Perks to wearing your shirt – Wearing your shirt is not required but it can help you quickly navigate restaurants and save you precious time, helping you earn more money!

  • Hang out in busy areas – to make the best use of your time, start your dash in a busy area with lots of restaurants nearby and head back once you finish your last delivery. This will help you get matched with more orders quickly.
  • Confirm quickly – You have 90 seconds to confirm an order. Dashers who are on top of checking their phone usually earn more.
  • Keep customers informed – Proactively providing updates to customers can help you get 5-star customer ratings, even if you're running late. Remember, not all customers use a mobile phone, so don't be afraid to give them a call and leave a voicemail.
  • Double check all items during pickup – It's never fun to be stuck with a redelivery or with a poor customer rating. Restaurants can make mistakes, so don't take the hit for their forgetfulness! Ask the restaurant to double check the food for you if you're missing items.