How much will I make?
DoorDash pays per delivery and you always get 100% of the tips! 

When will I get paid?
You get paid on a weekly basis for all deliveries completed between Monday - Sunday of the previous week (ending Sunday at midnight PST). Payments are transferred at that time directly to your bank account through Direct Deposit, and usually take 2-3 days to show up in your bank account, so payments will appear by Wednesday night.

Since Dashers are Independent Contractors, we do not withhold any taxes from your pay and Dashers are responsible for their own tax obligations. DoorDash is not able to provide any tax advice, and you should seek the assistance of a tax professional if you are unsure of how to report this income.

In the United States, all Dashers that earn more than $600 within a calendar year will receive a 1099-MISC form to report the income you made with DoorDash.

In the unlikely situation where our DoorDash "Red Cards" aren't working, DoorDash will reimburse you for paying for an order using your personal card. To get reimbursed for this, simply take a picture of the receipt and please submit your information on this Help Form (click here). The reimbursement will be transferred with your normal pay for that week.

Security reminder: No one from DoorDash will ever request your password, nor will anyone from DoorDash ever give you a specific password you ought to use. If you receive a request for your password information, do not share it. To maintain the security of your account, it is critical that you keep your password confidential at all times.