My delivery is running late

Sometimes a delivery may be late for reasons out of your control. For example, the restaurant didn’t prepare the food in time, they’re missing items, or you hit unexpected traffic.  When running late, the most successful Dashers call the customer and let them know what’s going on and that they're on the way.

Issues with the merchant

My red card was declined

If your red card is declined, wait 5 minutes and ask the cashier to try a second time. Our system notifies us when it declines the first time and we’ll fix it on our end.

  1. If your red card still doesn't work, chat with DoorDash Support with the total amount being charged and Customer's name and store. Example: "Red Card declined, amount is $52.00 for John @ Starbucks."

Restaurant is out of an item

Possible response:

  1. Ask the restaurant what they suggest as a substitution
  2. Call the Customer and tell them the options
  3. Order the item the customer wants instead (or nothing if the customer doesn't want a substitution)
  4. Chat with DoorDash Support to inform us that a substitution was made
    Example: "Regular Burrito is not available today. [Customer's name] confirmed substitution - Cheese Quesadillas. Please update order."

Merchant is closed

Sometimes you might find yourself finding the merchant is closed. 

For iOS users, contact Support via Chat.

For Android users:

  1. Top right-hand corner, touch the help icon.
  2. Under "Picking Up," select Merchant Closed
  3. Follow the instructions in the app.

    Note: if you don't see the option, contact Support via Chat.

Restaurant hasn't received the order yet

Chat with DoorDash Support and let us know the restaurant doesn’t have the order. Depending on the status of the order and restaurant, it may be best for you to place the order for us.

Problems delivering to the customer

Customer is unavailable for delivery

Sometimes the customer isn't available to receive the delivery (e.g. not at home).

For Android user:

  1. Top right-hand corner, touch the help icon.
  2. Select an order (if you have more than one order).
  3. Under "Dropping Off," touch The Customer isn't Available
    • A GPS map loads to help navigate to the correct customer's location.
    • If you see a connection banner message, click to resolve your connection issues.
  4. Touch Continue to confirm your location and follow the instructions on the app.

For iOS user:

  1. Check the Delivery ETA time and wait 10 minutes AFTER the Delivery ETA time

  2. Continue to call and text the customer while you wait
  3. Don't leave until AFTER the Delivery Time has elapsed by 10+ minutes
    Example: If a dasher arrives at the customer's location at 3:00pm, and the Delivery ETA is 3:10pm, the dasher should only leave after 3:20pm

Emergency situations

If you have an emergency that stops you from completing your assigned order, chat with DoorDash Support as soon as possible. We’ll close your dash for the day so you can take care of your emergency.

"Can't do this order" or "Unassign"

We understand that sometimes you can't complete an order.

For Android users:

  1. Top right-hand corner, touch the help icon.
  2. Under "Picking Up," select Unassign this Delivery
  3. Select a reason and you won't be able to receive a new order for at least 5 minutes.

For iOS users:

  1. In the top right-hand corner, touch Help
  2. Select"Can't do this order?
  3. Tell us why by selecting a reason
  4. Touch Submit Request / Submit
  5. Touch Continue to confirm you're sure you can't do the order.
    • Note: Our system assigns the most efficient dasher available at the time. If you don't accept, the delivery may be seriously delayed.

Questions about order

Sometimes merchants may ask you about preference on food prep or you're unsure about the special instructions. The best dashers contact the customer directly.

  1. Top right-hand corner, touch the help icon.
  2. Select an order (if you're assigned to more than one order).
  3. Under "Picking Up," select Questions About Order
  4. Text or call to contact the customer.

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